Holiday in Kaş

Kas is a small historical town on the south coast of Turkey . It was one of the most important marine cities and wine production sites of the Lycian civilization and is now surrounded by rock tombs and ruins of the ancient city Antiphellos .

Kas Antiphellos  Right across from Kas , there is the Greek island Kastelorizo . It is only 3 miles ( 5 km ) away from Kas . There are daily excursions by boats to Kastelorizo and also to another antique city of Lycian Civilization the Kekova Island .

Kas Lycian Region Kas is the marriage of beauty and the deep blue Mediterranean Sea. In Kas , the center of the historic Lycian Region , the Taurus Mountains embrace the sea as they continue to the great depths of the Mediterranean . The area is rocky all around , which helps to keep the bay crystal clear .

Kas was once the site of an ancient city Antiphellos. Today the only remains of this Lycian city are the rock - cut tombs and sarcophagi. You can wander through the streets stopping to examine the souvenir shops that offer Turkish handicrafts , leather goods , silver items , cotton clothing , and handmade carpets . After shopping , stroll along the flower - lined Akdeniz Promenade or relax under the shade of a palm tree . There are many bars and restaurants in Kas that offer plenty of night life.

Once you decide to come to Kas , you must arrange your flight to the Dalaman or Antalya Airport . Kas is right between the two .150 km. from Dalaman and 180 km. from Antalya .


Things to do in Kaş

Wander Round the Town

The first thing to do when you arrive in any new place, is to wander and get lost. Having said that, it's fairly impossible to get lost in the cute little resort of Kas, but be sure to go for a walk round the town. There are some cool bars, lovely restaurants, and adorable streets lined with pink Bougainvillea flowers. At night everyone seems hang out and socialising in the main square, so, especially if you're travelling solo, head there, mingle, and make some friends.

Relax on Stunning Kaputas Beach

Around 18km west of Kas is one of the most beautiful beaches I have ever visited. Kaputas is a medium sized beach tucked away in a mountain cove. It's a very easy drive if you have a scooter or a car. Alternatively, during the summer months there are many minibuses (dolmus) from the otogar. The unique thing about Kaputas is the stunning colour of the water where the mountain fresh water meets the sea. It is quite magical.

Be sure to take refreshments as there aren't any stores nearby.

Go Diving

There is some wonderful diving and snorkelling to be had in Kas. I spent a week diving in Kas at the start of my Balkan trip. Okay, so the aquatic life isn't quite on a par with the Red Sea, but the visibility is fabulous and there is plenty to see. I saw lots of cool fish and giant turtles. There is a great selection of dive sites in the area including a canyon, several reefs, and a bunch of wrecks, including two very awesome plane wrecks. One is a bomber plane at a depth of 58-71 metres. While too deep for your typical holiday diver, there is another very cool wreck of a Dakota D-C 3 plane at around 17-35 metres. The plane is intact, and you can actually go in it.

Diving is popular in Kas and there are several dive centres. Typically, the dive boats depart twice a day, morning and afternoon (around 9.30am & 2.30pm). While in Kas, I dived with SubAQUA Dive Centre, who I really recommend. I found them to be friendly, organised, and safety conscious with great kit. I made a bunch of friends there who I visited on my travels. I had such a great time, I went back again recently.

Visit the Old Amphitheatre

Just a five minute stroll out of town past the hospital is the old amphitheatre. It's in great condition and in summer there is an occasional concert. It's well lit, and Kas is very safe, so you can visit at night (like I did), when it really looks quite beautiful.


Paragliding might not be for everyone, but if you have a crazy edge, Kas is a great place to paraglide. The views are beautiful. After a 10 minute drive up the mountain, you run off the paraglide point and away you go, drifting over the town, enjoying the beautiful views before landing in the marina. I paraglided for the first time in Kas and had an absolute ball. It costs around 170TRY. Be sure to barter for the price and any videos you might want to purchase afterwards.

Head to Greece for the Day

The Greek Island of Meis is only a 20 minute boat trip away, making it the perfect day trip. There are a couple of large boats leaving at 10am, and returning at 3pm. Meis is a small, pure island which provides just the perfect taste of Greece. It's a great place to swim, eat and relax. There is a booking office in Kas town; you should book the day before. If you head to Meis, be sure to visit the Blue Cave, it is stunning.

Shop at the Friday Market

Every Friday there is a market just 2 minutes from the centre of town. Locals and tourists alike frequent the market where you can buy cheap clothes, knock-off trainers, Turkish delight, fresh vegetables and handmade trinkets. If you go there, be sure to try the slushies made with fresh snow brought down from the mountain.

Head up the Mountain at Sunset

Rent a scooter and drive up the mountain at dusk. It's peaceful, and the view is beautiful. It looks great after dark as well.

Catch the Boat to Limanagzi and Chill at the Beach

From Kas harbour there are frequent boats over to Limanagzi, a little area of Kas with several beaches. It only takes a few minutes to get there. You can ask the boat's captain to drop you at any of the beaches. I went to Delos Beach, which was a great place to relax and swim. There is no road between Limanagzi and Kas centre, so remember the last return boat back to Kas harbour in summer is at 6pm!

Visit the Ruins of Xanthos and Patara Beach

Getting to Xanthos and Patara from Kas is easy as pie; the local bus transport from Kas really is fabulous. There are frequent minibuses from the otogar which head to surrounding towns and historical sites. One popular route which leaves twice per hour in summer is:

We recommend firstly hopping off the bus at Xanthos and exploring the ruins. The ruins are a 10 minute walk from the bus stop, and are quite impressive. They are also free to enter. When I went it was very quiet, which made a change from other UNESCO sites around the continent, and I had a nice time exploring. You don't need to spend long there; 30 minutes is plenty. Then you can catch the minubus back and spend the rest of the day at Patara. If you want to continue exploring ruins, the Lycian city of Patara has plenty. If not, head straight to the beach!

If you are willing to go further afield you can head to see the ruins at Olympos, or Demre. You can also visit the sunken city of Kekova or go canyoning at Saklikent Gorge.